Amex supplementary cardmember appear on the main account holder

Hi everyone, probably a corner case, but it’s making 2 paying Emma users a bit frustrated…
(Summary at the end)

I have an Amex account where I added the missus as a supplementary cardholder.

My wife and I are both Emma Pro users. We both use the integration between Emma and Amex to keep track of our spending and much more.
While she only gets her purchases from Amex shown in Emma, I get both mine and hers (I guess since I’m the main account holder). This is causing friction since I can’t budget properly at all in Emma.
I’ve tried excluding a purchase from analytics, but then I get all similar purchases excluded, regardless if they’re mines or hers…

Has anyone else experienced this? Do we have a solution?

I don’t have a way to differentiate in Emma between us two, although Amex is able to differentiate between the two cardholders.

Hey @SebTm,

thanks for reaching out!

I remember one of our users having this issue and using tags to filter out the partner’s spending. It definitely helps with tracking, since you can check the totals in Search. However, it doesn’t solve the analytics issue.

I am not sure if other people here have found better ways?


Thanks @edoardomoreni,
I appreciate you taking the time, just wondering if the Amex API endpoint you’re using doesn’t have this information being sent… my thinking was I can then either create a custom rule or filter it somehow in analytics.

Simplest solution is for her to get her own Amex or just stop using the card - or only infrequently. There’s no easy way to solve this, imo, in Emma.

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I had the issue too and I found that with Amex there is a Parent card and a Child card.

The Parent card will get info about its own transactions (yours) & the Child’s (your partner) transactions.

This is what my wife and I do as we share our entire finances:

  • 1 Emma account (not 2) for our family
  • only add the Parent Amex card, not add the Child card

This way you only see all transactions once.

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