What did I spend

It would be good to know how much I spend with my each accounts during the time
For instance in what did I Spend widget there is option to switch between tags and merchants, but i can’t see what did i spend in my Amex in this period??
This is vey handy when using multiple credit cards and want to figure out how much you spent last month on this specific card or this period


@Mousa welcome to the Emma Community :tada:

While I would find this super useful due to the way I budget, it’d be great to understand more about how you’d use it. Do you use your credit cards for different purposes?

This could be a real powerful feature: “What did I spend in Wasabi on my Amex card”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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i have multiple credit card that i use for my day to day expenses; and repay them on their due date. let me take you through it;
i use my Amex and virgin; although Emma shows the detailed expenses for each transaction, there is no way for me to find out how much i spend using my Amex this period or how much was used Virgin card

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this level of granular info would be awesome :hugs:

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When I toggle from tags to merchands i dont see all of them merchants that i have shopped from!! Am i missing somthing ??

Hey @Mousa,

If the merchant isn’t in our merchant database, these transactions may be under the ‘Other’ section right down the bottom.

If you have a big purchase and we’re not identifying the merchant, reach out to us via chat and I can take a closer look :slight_smile: