Group amounts should be excluded form analytics

One of the things I have struggled to find is an app that will allow me to have an overview of my various accounts (current, credit card etc) but also help you manage your finances with your partner. In my case we mainly make payments on my credit card to get points, and then we use Splitwise to keep track of who owes each other what. This works well but means we have to add each transaction manually.

With Emma’s group feature you can just click on a transaction and add it to our group which is great, however, what is strange is that even though I may be owed money for that transaction it still counts the entire amount on my spending and analytics - it would seem much more sensible to me that the percentage that I am owed via a group is excluded from my tranasctions. For example if you imagine that I go out for supper and spend £50 on my credit card, and then we buy tickets to a concert for £100, only £75 of this should be in my spending.

Emma Groups is a separate functionality that does not work in conjunction with Analytics. :slight_smile:

With this said, when you get paid back, if you move that income to the original category where you spent money - the app will offset it for you. For example, I pay £70 for dinner in Eating Out. If my girlfriend send me £35 and I categorise it as Eating Out, the total of the category would be £35.

If you are on Pro or Ultimate, you can even split the income transaction and assign it to wherever you have spent money if you get repaid for a total amount.

It would be great if it did run link analytics - this would be a great feature - ideally any amount on a transaction that you add to a group should automatically be excluded from the analytics for the amount.

The problem with the income/offset is that only works if you have individual payments but the reality is that this isn’t the case. For example, on Monday I might pay for supper, Tuesday for lunch, Wednesday for the cinema, and Thursday she might pay for groceries and Saturday for drinks. This means we need to keep an ongoing running total and then at the end of the month we will settle the group up.

Ideally then all those transactions can be included in the analytics to accurately show spending.

Yes, I see your point!

I think there are so many ways to go about this that is kinda crazy. ehehe

Emma Groups was thought in the same way as splitwise, so we never considered integrating this with analytics, but I can raise it with the team.

As of now, individual transactions work well or splitting the big income and divide it in the right categories. :wink:

I am not sure how others do this?