Sharing Emma with a partner

How many people do this?

We don’t have a sharing feature in the app, but you can login in multiple devices with the same phone number.

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I didn’t even think I could do this. Sharing it with my wife now.

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Ehehehe, lots of people ask to be honest. :slight_smile:

Share with the Mrs… so much easier then setting up 2 accounts and linking all the accounts.

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Totally agree. Our only issue is that this is not obvious at all, so people ask to support all the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just have a delegated access or share details feature with a partner option.

They just login - sign up with own number etc and then a process to link as a veiw only?

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That would be nice and have thought about this. :slight_smile:

I do this - we just have our name as “Me & Her Surname” and then login on multiple devices, works perfectly!

Feature request - if you do bring in shared accounts it would be awesome if one person could mark a specific transaction as private (eg a birthday present) so the other person doesn’t accidentally see stuff they shouldn’t!


This would be great!


Sharing one account only works for a couple who chooses to integrate finances fully, which doesn’t suit everyone. For my husband and I we will probably be leaving Emma for a couples friendly app instead. We just really like the paycheck to paycheck option Emma has.

Something like the bunq pack would be nice, so maybe three licences in one for a discount, with the ability to “share” accounts between the three


Hi guys, just downloaded Emma after using yolt, money dashboard, honeydew, excel spreadsheets etc and it is the best!

The only thing I need is to find a way of easily sharing it with my wife so it notifies her when we’re going over budget etc. If you guys had the same functionality as honey due (but that actually worked) that would be amazing but even the sharing hack you shared above would be great, how do I do that?

Many thanks and sorry for the newbie question,


Just install the app on another phone.
Log in with the email address associated with your account.
You’ll need to open the login link in the email on the new phone, so if it’s your wife, you would maybe forward the email to her.

Bear in mind that this will show her everything in Emma! She’ll have exactly the same features etc as you do.

I’m not sure there’s a way to force Emma to log out of other phones either. …


Perfect thanks Gaoler I’ll do that

Hey Harry :wave:

Just in case, you can also look at our FAQ guide on this here

This is exactly why we ended up using Emma, we tried other apps, but we have our own accounts we split money between and it made sense to have a single pane of glass to view what we had holistically. I don’t believe there is an alternative to Emma that does this from what I could see.

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New user here, and apologies if I am missing something obvious. My partner and I both use tesco credit cards and like to keep them separate, for the sake of building up credit ratings. If I am right there is no way of adding two accounts with the same provider. This is also true of other providers where we have our life time ISAs, SIPP accounts etc.

Currently, my savings are going out as expenditure meaning the budgeting features are totally undermined.

I really love what I am seeing so far and appreciate the app, thanks!

Welcome to the community @makai1980!

There are two ways you can add two accounts with same provider.

  1. Download Emma on your partners device. Log into your Emma account and select Tesco Bank as an option to add. Because you’re on your partners device, you’ll be connected to their Tesco bank app and they’ll be able to add their accounts

  2. Delete your Tesco Banking app. Once deleted, try connecting again in Emma. Rather than being redirected to the Tesco Bank website, you’ll be redirected to a Tesco Bank login webpage. Connect your partners account using this page. Once connected, redownload the Tesco Bank app


For the transfers you make to your savings account, categorise these as ‘Excluded’. This will stop them from appearing in your budget :wink:

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Fantastic! Thanks Joel