YTD/LTM cumulative totals

It would be great if we could set a financial year and have targets with it.

Currently, I am manually adding up monthly budgets/savings and tracking this but would be great to have this automatically done. Think a lot of people think both in short term (month and under) and longer term (1+ years)


I was actually trying to do the exact same myself the other day. Would be a valuable feature to look at from time to time!

The longer you use Emma, the more useful a function like this would be. I can see myself looking back at my total spends by category per year (as I do per month at the moment) in order to look at trends when I have a few years of history in Emma.

A good MVP would be just totals YTD as I believe that may be easier to implement. Would be most useful to keep new users on the platform as they would lose that YTD history if they switch to a competitor.

Where in the app do you think something like this could fit? Perhaps have it the same as the analytics tab but for multiple months added together?

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Swipe right on your pay period analytics tab, think that could work (could be a pro feature you could toggle on/off??

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