Daily totals in recent tab

It would be nice to have a daily total of spend next to the date in the recent tabs


Hi @Vladanm999,

thanks for your suggestion.

There’s a crucial need for the ability to view daily totals, as it’s currently not available anywhere.

On the custom bar, only two days can be selected. However, I need to add daily totals to my spreadsheet.

Consequently, I have to manually add all the individual totals across five accounts, which is quite inconvenient.


Hi @streaky,

Can you tell me more about how you’d use the daily totals? I’ll talk to our engineers and see what we can do. Any other feedback or ideas?

@liliiakasian i would like to see a total spent for each day. Currently you have to total up the spend yourself manually

Would you find it helpful to get notifications about your daily spending totals?

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@liliiakasian have made a previous request for the app to show daily spending totals in transactions.

Sure! I will pass this to the engineering team. Let me know if you have any additional suggestions for this feature (such as notifications, graphs, etc.). It helps us to move faster.

Not sure about graphs as I don’t find the format of them in the Emma app very intuitive. It maybe nice to have an alert when daily transactions exceed your daily allowance. .

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Got it! Feel free to reach out if you have any other suggestions.

Agree with others this would be helpful!

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