You Need A Budget (YNAB) Import

I like the app, particularly the ease of adding accounts. It looks like the budgeting features are strong, but I find it daunting to setup a new budgeting system as I’ve spent a long time on YNAB. If it were possible to import categories, goals & historical transactions and assuming there is wide feature matching, I would drop YNAB in a heart beat. What are the chances?

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Hey @neil-r

This would be very cool!

I’ve not used YNAB before - can you export all of this information to a CSV file?

If you can, we should eventually be able to import the data into Emma (we have “import CSV file” on our long-term roadmap!)

You can export, but there’s also an API which looks fairly comprehensive so a migration tool should be possible. If you have an api then maybe someone in the community might make one :wink:

Haha are you offering? :grinning: