YNAB like budgeting features

I see YNAB has been mentioned here a few times so apologies if this is a dup.

YNAB has superior budgeting functionality to Emma but lacks the cash flow analysis features, the broad provider integration, and of course is not as sexy. But it does now have direct UK bank integration via the TrueLayer 3rd party API and a very nice web interface. In my trial I have found all 3 type of budget types useful and it is already influencing my spending.

I wonder if the Emma product team have mapped out the YNAB features and are considering them for the Emma roadmap?

I would be happy to share my needs / use cases in case you need guinea pigs.


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I can see how the YNAB model might fit into the budget tab of Emma and prove useful. However, in terms of general aesthetics and functionality, Emma is superior in my opinion. I like the list of regular upcoming subscriptions and them falling to the bottom of the list once paid for example. I also like to choose which account to budget on, net worth etc

I do think you have a point though when it comes to the budgeting tab of Emma. I think this approach could make that tab better feeding off the entries set up as regular subscriptions. I also like the idea of goals but more so on savings accounts. For example have one savings account but create manual sub accounts on it so that it could show how that savings account is being allocated (new car, new phone etc) I guess manual accounts could be added but showing them as sub accounts would be much better.

No argument re general functionality and aesthetics, my comments are all related to the budgeting capabilities which appear richer and more powerful in YNAB.

YNAB’s web interface is useful too.

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