Scrap spreadsheets, why not plan your finances in Emma?

Many times I find myself planning for an event, thinking to myself ‘Right: I need to plan what I need to buy, how much it is going to cost, and total this’. So, what about a table within Emma itself where you are able to plan what you want / need to buy for the month, and perhaps if it fits within your budget even by choosing a category for each purchase.

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This is a really interesting idea - just trying to think how we could incorporate it into the app…

Are you thinking it would almost be like another budgeting section on the analytics tab, except you manually input all your costs and it adds up the total?

Yes, I do think it would be similar to the budgeting section :slight_smile: If you could look below, I have attached an example of how I currently plan my finances, so it could be using the same concept as this.
Notes would also be brilliant, but the idea is very early stages and I’m not too sure like you said how it would be incorporated into the app.

Ok so would you consider these kind of things as more one-off purchases? Because perhaps then it could sit underneath the budget as a special one-off category that you can edit and add up costs?

Also, this is completely unrelated to your topic but I noticed you had “new webcam” on your list and it reminded me of this super creepy webcam I saw people talking about on twitter… :joy:

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And yes, they can be a one off purchase, or monthly. It would be good as well like you said to add them within the budget not as a one off category but under a specific one. For example, I could add the webcam under online shopping, stating how much it should be: then deducting it from the budget and saying how much I expect to have left if that makes sense? It makes it more of a proactive app making sure your budget is in check, rather than a reactive by seeing how much you have already spent.

Bump :slight_smile:. Hopefully more can get onto this idea, I personally think it’s a very good one :wink:

Quite like this idea, if linked to a savings account, have an interactive notes where you could list items and amounts to that savings account in Emma, then the list in Emma could compare the saving account balance and let you know what you can afford after saving and maybe estimated time to save based on budget and or subscription to pay into that savings account.

For example could list a holiday for 1500 and new sofa for 700, you setup a monthly budget of 200 to that account with a DD (subscription), Emma could update estimates to say 4 months to sofa and 8 months to holiday, but total of 13 months (counting down if payment made and saving going up). After 4 months, notify user that the have enough for sofa, after 8 months if not spent any of savings, notify enough for 1 or the other, after 13 months notify could get both. If user withdraws from saving estimates adjusted to match.

Love the term “interactive notes”, sounds v cool :clap:

We are adding Savings Goals to the app (hopefully in the next few days!) so I think this will also help to do a lot of what you’ve described above. Think the notification idea when you’ve hit a certain target is really nice though!

Read on another post last night something that could enhance the feature a bit more, and that is if you had the interactive notes :slight_smile: in its own section, have optional field for a priority flag (must have, wanted, like to have, etc…) as original posters idea and then link a savings account to it, maybe link a couple savings account to each item, then you could sum up each savings account linked to show percentage of amount saved to each item, just in case the user has to spread savings over multiple accounts because of account limits for those big savings.

Anyway looking forward to seeing what you release as lots of exciting ideas coming through :slight_smile:

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