Yolt Pay (and payment initiation services in general)

I tried Yolt Pay recently. As I understand it, this is Yolt’s implementation of an Open Banking Payment Initiation Service.

What I assumed would happen is I would need to authorize use of Yolt Pay with my bank once and from then on I would be able to make payments without leaving the Yolt app. However, every single time I made a payment I was transferred to my bank’s app to authorise the payment.

Is this a constraint of how payment initiation services have to operate (and therefore every app that implements payment initiation services will have to behave this way) or is it Yolt’s choice to implement it this way? Either way, I’m not sure I see the point. If I have to be transferred to my bank’s app everytime I want to make a payment, I might as well initiate the payment from the bank app.

Clear as mud, but I think this suggests they’re hoping to change this after beta.

We’re not quite there yet, but we’re working on it. In this early stage of Yolt Pay , you’ll be able to initiate payments within Yolt. You’ll then be redirected to your bank to confirm the payment. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be redirected back into Yolt where we’ll let you know if your payment went through successfully. Don’t worry if you get an error screen – you can try again!

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This is how it is supposed to happen. :slight_smile:

It’s not a constraint or anything like that - you need to authorise the payment every time on the bank’s app.

The other issue with that is that (I think) only LLoyds is supporting app to app payments (for now).

I would describe that as a constraint even if that is how it is supposed to work. A requirement (constraint as I would call it) to authorize every single payment on the bank’s app makes 3rd party payment initiation entirely unappealing to me. That wasn’t how I assumed it was going to work. I no longer see the point of 3rd party payment initiation services.

I’m not sure what you mean by app to app payments. It’s not terminology I’ve seen others use. Is it what I am referring to as 3rd party payment initiation?

If this is how it’s going to work, it’s totally pointless. The flow in Yolt is worse than just going to the banking app

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The other thing is that only the LLoyds group currently supports this.

The way we see it is that since you are opening Emma way more than the bank app, that’s a quick shortcut to a payment. :slight_smile:

We have plans to look at this next year. There is no rush.

Any chance you can record the flow and share it here? It would be nice to see how they have implemented it. I am on Barclays, so can’t access the feature + still struggling with the profile identification.

I have it with several banks outside the Lloyds group.

Yolt Pay screen shown below. You enter a transfer amount (field not shown on the screenshot - it’s just a bit higher up the screen), pick one of your accounts that support payment initiation using drop-down list (I am using a Santander account here), then enter where you want to transfer to. This can be done manually or you can use the contacts icon to pick from a list of stored accounts. This stored account list includes the other acounts you have connected to Yolt and also seems to include payee info read from some or all of my connected accounts. Once something is selected it will populate the fields on the Yolt Pay page.


Once you click pay you then get transferred to the bank’s app and what happens here seems bank-specific. With Santander (shown below) there are several of screens to go through. For HSBC it’s just an authentication screen followed by a confirmation screen.




You then get transferred back to Yolt, for confirmation of successful payment.


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Do you get the same Santander screens if you pay from the Santander app? When they are asking about being comfortable bla bla.

No, they don’t ask all that stuff when payment is initiated from their own app.

When initiated from their own app the flow involves 3 screens

  1. Set up payment details
  2. Review + authorise payment.
  3. Confirmation of success

WoW. This is insane.


Have you tried to do multiple payments via Yolt?

It might be they ask for that extra info only on the 1st payment?

I’ve done multiple times via Yolt to same recipient. The flow was the same each time.

Okay, this is defo insane. :slight_smile:

ps: I still haven’t passed KYC. ahha

I have made a payment with the Barclays mobile app and yolt pay

Nice, I should try then.

Is there any plan to include payments in Emma?

We have some plans, but we are waiting to see APIs fully working and in production. :slight_smile: