Yolt Discussion & Feedback

Hey guys,

I am sure some of you are trying Yolt out as well.

Any features you would love to see in Emma? :slight_smile:

This :wink:


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Ah, we are working on all those banks as well. :wink:

No !! That’s not what I meant :flushed: no aggregator have this status page with status updates on current and future integrations, only YOLT go to this much detail on each connection, if you adopted this and put it in app even if it was a web wrapper , you’d be turning on distinctive attribute into another :wink: in away its adopting a feature and turning it into a new one :wink:

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Downloading Yolt now! :laughing:

Oh dear :weary: should post a review on the yolt community :joy: oh wait they don’t have one :wink:

Verdict !!? :joy:

Still waiting to be verified?! :thinking:

You have to send a selfie and a copy of your driving license or passport :joy: then you’ll be given encryption codes you have to copy or print in case you get locked out :partying_face: good luck :wink:

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A page identical to this would be perfect for Emma.

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I preferred the look, feel and analytics of the Emma app but Yolt (at the time) covered more of my bank accounts so I switched.

Customer service at Yolt has been great.

Overall I like the coverage of bank accounts and customer service of Yolt, the analytics of Emma and the personalised suggestions from Snoop.

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I was using both Yolt and Emma alongside eachother for a while :nerd_face:, but now all my accounts (including my $USD accounts) are in Emma, and for me it has the best coverage.

I cannot fault Emma’s responsiveness or customer service through in-app chat or in the community either. Plus, I don’t see a single post or comment from Yolt’s CEO on their Facebook forum… :wink:

I do like the suggestions on Snoop, but because their coverage is lacking, I don’t find myself using it as much.

Plus…no one else has gummy bears :laughing:


I don’t think this exists. lol

I would expect it would be the same ING Bosses :slight_smile:

He does exist (although new in the role), and it’s not the same boss as ING (although he oversees Yolt Techology Services too), and he seems to have good experience…in the comparison/utility/insurance switching space. Will be interesting to see which direction he takes them in…and if he starts replying to his community on a Sunday :crazy_face:


I think we need a live event, aggregator face off :partying_face:

LoL :joy: :rofl:

I’d worry more about the opposite :crazy_face: bad enough having to keep @edoardomoreni on his feet on a Sunday :wink: :joy:

I had an account with Yolt about 3 years ago. From memory, it was ok but not great. I seem to remember having to spend quite a bit of time correcting its categories and getting annoyed with it. I think it’s best features was its spending graph and spending by category.


I don’t mind Yolt but I just don’t like how things are laid out. Seeing too much information (graphs, balances) freaks me out and doesn’t make me want to keep using it. I may be biased but I don’t feel overwhelmed by Emma

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