Payments in Emma

We are considering to add this feature in the app, so we can allow users to:

  • Pay friends & family
  • Initiate transfers between accounts
  • Request money to be paid.

This opens to many more use cases like splitting bills.

I was wondering if this is a feature you would love to see in Emma and in what format?

We have been waiting quite some time, but it seems Payments are mature enough in the UK to go live via Open Banking. :wink:

For transfers from one of my own accounts to some other account (another one one of my own or someone else’s) I’m not sure.

When I tried payment initiation in Yolt a while ago I didn’t see much value because it required being transferred to the bank app to authenticate every single transfer.

It left me wondering why not just start in the bank app :man_shrugging:

I suppose the only potential value in could see is if I could maintain a master payees list inside the aggregator (i.e. inside Emma) instead of having to create payees inside each bank app I use.

If it were possible do payments without having to be diverted to the bank app every time it would be more appealing for me.

How would that work?

I’m all for new features but I find it easier just to initiate a transfer in my bank. To initiate from Emma wouldn’t give me anything further and I’m more likely to open my banking app than Emma to do banking.

Is there anything ahead of this on your roadmap that you’ve been considering @edoardomoreni?

This will never change.

However, we have noticed the experience to be much faster and if we add payments in Emma, there is really no reason to open the bank app anymore. :wink: