Yolt closing...users will be looking for a new home

Yolt has announced today that they are closing down their consumer app.

Personally, I’m not too surprised that Yolt Technology Services will shift focus to the B2B side, but…

…what a great opportunity for Emma to step in…Yolt reported 1.6 million customers across UK, France and Italy (April 2021)

Fuel for the Emma rocketship!! Don’t miss out @edoardomoreni


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Thanks for letting us know.

I have been waiting for this for a few years. lol

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Yes, not unexpected was it…

Also, for @rebekah and your social admins, recommend taking a look at Snoop’s tweet - personally, I think this was a classy way to show empathy for a fellow #fintech closing––it happens––whilst being intriguing for any users to come take a further look…

Tone of voice and personality important here.

Me…I just put my Emma referral link out there :laughing:

Good luck

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They hung on for ages, when it was clear they just weren’t agile enough to compete. Ultimately, like do many “fintech” spinoffs from incumbents (think Bo et al), the gravity of the parent eventually took over

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Their main plan was to build the API layer to sell to other banks, just like TrueLayer and co.

I don’t understand why they launched a debit card.

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