Which is better - eBay or Depop?

Do we have any fans of eBay or Depop on here? :package::money_with_wings:

If so, which one is your fave? And do you have any tips or tricks for selling?

Is eBay still thing? :wink:

Hahah I love it :joy::see_no_evil:

I’ve sold about 8 things on there in July already! :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

Although I don’t think I’d use it to buy anything…?

I almost use eBay to buy things. If something goes wrong, I get my money back. It’s handy when you want to buy things like a bike, camping equipment etc (which happen to be what I have bought from eBay over the last month).

I don’t have any tips for selling but I do have tips for buying on eBay, wait till the last 40 secs and then bid just above a round number. I.e. instead of bidding £10 bid £10.02. If their maximum bid is £10, you’ll beat them by £0.02. Someone did this to me and I learn my lesson :triumph:

You will like this: Gixen https://www.gixen.com/


Got myself a tent. Now if the better half would just go camping… Seriously considering taking it to my parents during the week to test it out but apparently that’s antisocial.

And then hope no one else bids £10.04 in the last 20 seconds :joy:

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Surely that’s a good introduction to camping for your OH - If they really don’t like sleeping in a tent they can easily go inside instead :joy:

He already wants to go a day early to hang out with them, don’t give him any more ideas!

Apparently 2 nights is the limit, so we just need to find a good spot this summer.

@Joel - I recently invested in a company called Crua Outdoors. Their hammock tents are awesome! :wink:

Not at all. I set the tent I bought up in our living room and slept in it for a night (okay it was 3 nights) just to see what it was like (and practice putting it up myself)

I’m dragging my best mate to Scotland this summer to go camping next to one of the Lochs for 3 days. I’ve haven’t told there’s no electricity :grimacing: I’m just going to pretend to be surprised

Have you bought one?!

I sure did! The smaller hammock underneath is helpful. My friend and I went swimming in the open water only to have a bird come in and swoop some food we had got part ready, some clothes, and a piece of string that was used to hold some tarp up!

Scotland is beautiful and I’m about to buy a house there. I visit a lot for work but only in the cities. Time to explore more of the open space. :tent: