Side hustle ideas?

Do you have a side hustle? How do you make money on the side of your regular job?

I used to have a depop shop and sold a lot of vintage, streetwear and trainers. I used to make so much extra money but it was hard work doing it on top of my full-time top. I would have to go to car boot sales, wholesalers etc at 5 am on weekends and then wash photograph and ships everything.

Even if you don’t have a side hustle, any ideas are welcome!


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Oh I used to buy and sell on EBay - never made a fortune - well about £300 a month. TBH it wasn’t hard but it was fiddly. I plan to return to doing it and get stuff from our local car boot. Easier by far was my writing and made better money, but this year I am doing my writing for free to help people!

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Old Pokemon cards made me my fortune and allowed me to retire at 25.

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I hope you are being serious because I have a lot of old pokemon cards at home just sitting gathering dust lol

I have never used Ebay, I always found it so fiddly with all the different fees and auction times! maybe I’m just being lazy haha.

What do you write about?

Er… I am shy

I ended up making over £2k from old cards found in the loft.

Cheers younger me!


Never had any side hustle unless raking in my student loan and abusing switching bonuses counts :sweat_smile: (thanks TSB for my incoming £75 and HSBC too :slight_smile:)

I need to find a better hustle though to be entirely honest… HMU if Emma ever start hiring remote :joy: something where I get to talk to people preferred

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haha I will definitely let you know :joy:

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