Tax changes for sellers on Vinted, Airbnb, and eBay

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To shorten it:
If you’re using platforms like Vinted, Airbnb, or eBay to make some extra cash, HMRC is now checking out your earnings. They want the details by January 2025, but if you’re already paying taxes, no big changes for you.

You’ve got a £1,000 tax-free allowance for your place and an extra grand for any ‘trading’ income.
HMRC is fine with you skipping taxes on selling personal items like old jeans, an ancient TV, or furniture you’re done with. But, if you’re flipping goods or making stuff to sell for a profit, HMRC thinks you’re in the trading game. Once your profits go over £1,000, it’s tax time.

So, spill the beans! What’s your take on these new tax rules?

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