Question Of The Week #1

Hi everyone! :wave:

We’re starting a new weekly topic called “Question Of The Week”

First up, we want to know…

Would you rather have £1M given to you tomorrow? Or, £10M given to you in 10 years’ time?

Oooooh interesting!!! The benefit of 1m tomorrow means I could buy a place with a couple of rooms… and then rent those rooms out (maybe to a friend maybe not, renting to a friend could get tricky) so I could get more income coming in. Put a little aside for investing in myself, training course etc which means I could increase my earning potential. And then not spend the rest. 10m is a lot… but I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I’ll go with 1m tomorrow.

What would you do @Joel? :upside_down_face:

I love that plan @Abi! Renting rooms out would be a great way to gain some extra income - but yes would definitely need to choose your renters wisely haha! What kind of training courses would you go for??

Real easy. The discounted value today on £10m in 10 years is far more than £1m. Even at a discount rate of 10% the present value is £3.8m. Should have no problems in either browwing against this or selling it.


Oooo good answer @Wmeads001. How would you spend the money? :moneybag::money_with_wings:

  1. Take £1m tomorrow.

  2. Buy £1m worth of bitcoin.

  3. Wait 10 years.

  4. After 10 years either sell up and throw big party or have party anyway and tell people about the time you were once a millionaire.

But either way, still have party.


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Hahah sounds like one hell of a party! Don’t forget our invite :grinning:

Have you dealt with bitcoin much? @joeperris

I listened to the BBC podcast “The Missing Cryptoqueen” and it put me right off :joy:

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@rebekah I was actually very lucky. I bought some bitcoin back in 2013 after unsuccessfully spending most of 2012 trying to mine them for little reward!! I bought 3 bitcoin for US $50 and had them in an offline wallet on an old laptop.

Fast forward end of 2017 and the value had skyrocketed and I sold off 2.5 of the Bitcoin on Binance for £28k (if I’d waited 2 weeks, it would have been worth £34k :man_facepalming:) and paid off all my debts.

Sold a further 0.2 bitcoin to go on holiday and retained 0.3 of a bitcoin which I still have to this day!! My only regret is that I didn’t buy way more than 3 bitcoin back then but it’s been more than a great investment for me even though it was pure luck taking a gamble on this when my friends would have rather spent the $50 on beer :joy:

I only hold the Bitcoin now as a good luck charm :slight_smile:


Wow that is seriously impressive!!

Sounds like you got into it at a great time too! I bet your friends are fuming they didn’t follow your lead :joy:

I might start looking into it again - but is it too late to start investing in it? :thinking:

Haha yea they couldnt believe it but think they felt better when i said i missed out on £6k by not waiting 2 weeks as I didn’t think the price was going to get any higher. I did buy the beers on holiday so was all good!

I’ve not really followed it much since Jan 2018 and it seems quite volatile so probably not the best investment but then again I’m not an expert.

I will probably buy bit by bit to make it up to 1 whole bitcoin again for novelty sake but that’s pretty much it as its a hard market to gauge.

Who knows it could skyrocket in 10 years time when it’s no longer safe to handle cash :joy:

Eeesh £6K extra for just a couple of a weeks is such a shame - but hey, that’s just what happens when you play the investing game!

Love that you’re planning to add more in just so it’s a nice round number :joy:
I do that with all my savings - everything has to be rounded to the nearest 100 :see_no_evil:

Ooooo I think you’ve just given me an idea for tomorrow’s Question Of The Week feature :bulb:


Yea definitely the mild ocd in me that’s behind that decision to make it 1 whole bitcoin :joy:


What a story!!


I’m glad I held onto the 1/3 of a bitcoin I had left :joy::joy:

Wow, that is a verrry nice-looking graph! :raised_hands:

What are you planning to do with it now??

Probably hold fire and keep topping it up £50 a month and hope for another miracle in 10 years time :grin:

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Sounds like a good plan! :rocket:

What app are you using to see that btw?

Even better graph today!!

I’m using Coinbase