Where do you spend most of your money? 💰

Excluding things like bills, what/ where do you spend most of your money?

My top merchants from the last few months are pretty much always Aldi and ASOS :v:

What about you?

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Always groceries :rofl::sunglasses:
Either use a discounter or a close-by Co-op, interspersed with the odd trip to Morrisons, Sainsbury’s or Tesco.

Haha too much of my money gets spent on food! :sweat_smile:

Does the Co-op still have a loyalty scheme?

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Yes, they have a scheme whereby every week you get to chose two out of 4 or 5 money-off coupons (usually something like 50p off) for selected items.
You also acrue some money from purchases of co-op own brand items; the sum can be redeemed against a while shop (or donated).
They also donate some money to a charitable cause selected by you (you can select from a mix of local and national causes, I think).
Win win for all, but overall the Co-op is in the pricier side so tend to just supplement my bigger shop or use the coupons for select items :sunglasses:

Deliveroo is my top merchant. Far too many times.

Put it this way, we are trying to go a week without takeaway and almost broke yesterday, day 1. Ha ha.

Ah that does sound good - I’ve been asked at the till many a time, but haven’t ever bothered to get one. We have a Co-op across the road from us, so I’ll definitely look into it :blush:

You almost broke on day 1… what’s the chances of you ordering a takeaway tonight? :joy:

Last week we shared on socials that Emma users spend an average of £87 per month at Deliveroo.

Guessing you’re above that average? :sweat_smile:

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I’d def. go for it @rebekah … it’s free, and we all know: every little helps :rofl:
I think there might even be a bonus for new members going on at the moment… I recall having seen something along those lines in the latest weekly MSE newsletter :sunglasses:

Probably about that every 10 days at our worst, although less as it’s become warmer and we have seen friends more.

But still too much.

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Only Co-Op Group*

*Midcounties Co-Op and some others are in the business of offering the loyalty scheme, but not the discounts

Oooohhhh :flushed:
I didn’t realise there are different types of Co-ops… Sigh.
Thanks for the clarification, @Recchan :+1:t2:

Yeah, I’m guessing you’re in London? They own everything there probably but in South West, Midcounties Co-Op is everywhere (we have I think one co-op group here)

Lol… noooo @Recchan , I am in Yorkshire :rofl::sunglasses:

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Ooo yes, found it! £4 off a £15 shop for new members :raised_hands:

That’s the one :grin::sunglasses:
Happy shopping :rofl:

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Literally just Aldi & Sainsbury’s :expressionless: Really exciting life over here

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Sainsbury’s is a vastly superior supermarket so don’t be down

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Haha, seems like we’re all in good company, spending mostly on groceries :laughing: - my top merchant most months is Aldi :shopping_cart: though I tend to visit my local Tesco a fair bit too as it’s only a shortish walk away.

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Here’s a question for you @notthemessiah

If money was no object, where do you think you’d spend most of your money?

An excellent question! I’m not sure of the retailer/merchant, but it would almost certainly go on travel/holidays :globe_with_meridians: :world_map: :beach_umbrella: as I love to travel :heart_eyes_cat: though my current budget (& Covid) means I can’t travel as much as I’d like!