Do you still use cash?

@Hans mentioned that everyone he works with manages their finances through cash and I can see in the US and other countries it is also quite common so I am curious - How often do you use cash?

I think the only thing I use cash for is to get my car cleaned haha

  • Regularly
  • Once a week
  • Once a month
  • A few times a month
  • Rarely, a few times per year

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I just voted once a week but it was meant to be once a month lol…

Nope, avoid wherever I can! I keep a tenner on me as emergency cash.

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I voted once a week. Although it potentially is rarely. But if I could never use cash, I would be happy about that. Especially not using coins as I just think coins are very dirty!! LOL

Only one thing regularly which I use cash - when I play football and pay the person who booked the pitch - although now have his bank details so can just transfer him money.

If I go to local shopping centre food market for lunch (Arndale Food Market), some of the places are cash only so have to use cash there.

And now and then some places will charge if you’re using a card and spending less than £10


haha coins are so dirty!

Yeah, the thing that’s annoying is when you have to get a £20 out to pay for something that’s like £13 and then you have £7 of loose cash. I always end up spending it on something pointless.

Totally agree when you are in a shop and they say oh we charge for anything less than £5, it’s like eugh no!

It’s interesting, I pretty much only use cash when buying on secondhand stuff at carboots/gumtree etc - other than that I very rarely use it. I remembered seeing a similar poll that Martin Lewis did once:

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That’s a lot of votes :rofl: What do you think about money saving expert? I have seen a few things that are useful but I find the site in general very overwhelming.

It’s interesting to see how much the results vary with age, not at all surprising though. Martin Lewis is an absolute hero in my opinion, and I very rarely disagree with what he says so I am a pretty big fan of MSE - as you say, there’s a lot of information there and it can be a bit overwhelming - but it’s always my first point of call whenever I am researching something vaguely financial! The weekly emails are good as well; even if you’re aware of most if it anyway. Their break down of LISAs vs Help to buy ISAs is really good, especially for some folks (not those on here!) who are less financially clued-up. Also their work on promoting transparency in student finance and tuition fees is absolutely fantastic.


Yeah I have to say I used it to look into student loan stuff and when I was younger I used it to research credit cards because I didn’t have a clue how they worked haha.

I used to keep a pound for the shopping trolley - thats all! But I have a token that I now use. So, nope - nil cash at all!! All done!! Our supermarket still takes cash - but is slowly driving towards cashless. There are two ladies all day counting and sorting money in the strong room. They are much less busy now. The Shop and Go is helping as is self-serve = both don’t take cash. There is quite a resistance from the customers to go cashless though. Old habits die hard!
I can’t wait for the use of QE code shopping. This will switch on EMMA big style and help my finances

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We charge for anything less than £5? You aren’t allowed to charge for card payments in the UK

I put a few times a year as I largely decide on the day if I want a haircut - my barber doesn’t take card and neither do any of the ones near me.

On top of that like there’s this one local chinese ship I visit very occasionally that I would spend cash in (again as they didn’t take card)

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I think it was 2 years ago for me. :sweat_smile:

Do you get your hair cut? I’ve literally never seen a barber that takes card

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I go back to Italy to have a hair cut and make my dad pay. :laughing:

This! No barber I’ve seen takes cards. Also I keep coins around to pay parking fees.

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Can I come with you? :wink:

Perhaps we should start mentioning it when we go in next?

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Yes as in they charge 50p if you spend less that £5

Fun fact: that’s illegal :slight_smile:

I would inform them that they’re breaching legislation and could be liable for large fines, should they do that

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wow I never knew that! Corner shops always do it! Have they recently made that illegal?

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