What apps do you find the most useful?

Hey Everyone,

In our latest blog post we rounded up five apps that we find incredibly useful for saving money in our everyday lives! We talked about Too Good To Go, Hopper, Classpass, Emma (Duh) and Dusk.
I’m curious what apps you use that help you save money? Share below any we may have missed!

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Snoop, ClearScore, Emma

I sometime use Too Good To Go (when I remember it exists). Hadn’t heard of Hopper, Classpass, or Dusk. Will give them a try.

I quite like HotUKDeals, PriceRunner, and TopCashback.

Something I’d like is an aggregator of cashback/rewards sites. I’d like to search for a retailer and be told which platform (TopCashback, Quidco, Emma, Nectar, Amex or whatever) provides best cashback/rewards for that retailer. Does anyone know if something like this exists?

all good ones :clap:t3:

Yeah definely check those other out they are more service based and can be a great way to save on activities!

I think Honey the browser extension acts as an aggregator of cashback and savings! Not sure if it compiles all of them though :sweat_smile: