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I’d love to know exactly how much at a particular shop I am spending, the shop is “lush” but its not on your list of shops, would it be possible to one day have it as a feature to be able to custom search what shops we have been spending at?
So I can see exactly how much in 6 months/12 months/ the beginning of time?
I feel this is something I’d need :slight_smile:

You can just type Lush in the search box no? Worked for me as attached :slight_smile:

PS: welcome to the community @Tsutcliffewhyte

Hi, I mean in the transactions over time feature, so I’d like to see how much I have spent over say the past 6 months :slight_smile:

Hey @Tsutcliffewhyte,

the what did I spend card features your top merchants.

You can do the same in Search. There is an icon with a calendar symbol, so you can search Lush for last year, this year and a few other options.

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The search doesn’t add up total spend / spend within time periods, which I think is what @Tsutcliffewhyte wants

This is what I was getting at :slight_smile: and lush wasn’t on my “top retailers”, which I thought it would be!

Yes, we are adding totals in search very soon and combining it with What Did I Spend in 1 feature. :slight_smile:


Amazing, I can’t wait for this. Well done for such a good app and helping people to get better with their spending :slight_smile:

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