What important features are we missing?

I’ve been experiencing issues with Revolut misnaming transactions and then passing the error to Emma. It’s things like ‘Just Eat’ being listed as a ‘Vodafone’ payment. :joy: It’s not a major issue, but I understand what the commenter above is suggesting. It would be great to have a protocol in place for periodically refreshing merchant data from names to logos. This would also apply to faster payment renaming. If a user inputs the recipient’s name and it syncs with Emma, it would enhance the user experience because someone may have received those bank details under a different alias.


(ahem, sorry - got carried away there).

ust one plea for excluded categories - some, like saving, I would want to track in analytics, just not as spending. But this remains amazing.

This and forecasting will make a massive difference. :muscle:

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A few things it’d be fab to have:

  1. Tracking market-listed assets, I’ve been playing around with NetWealth. Whilst not at all a competitor, it does have an interesting function: you can tell it your stocks and shares (or Vanguard ETFs) and it’ll track their value and give you a nice breakdown of the split of wealth over different asset classes. It would be great to be able to enter the shares I have in Freetrade and my holdings with Vanguard and for Emma to automagically update their values.
  1. An analytics screen that gave me the breakdown of my assets split between individual stocks, ETFs, crowdfunding (Emma shares, obvs), cash savings etc; then what’s in an ISA and what’s not etc. Ideally, it’d be good to benchmark those to show how you can reduce tax on say, savings income (e.g. by splitting between normal savings accounts, ISAs and premium bonds etc) but that’s probably coming too close to advice territory.

  2. Future transactions. Let me tell Emma about future transactions so that the forecasting is always perfect!

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Yes but only in the All Transactions view. Could really do with this in analytics and/or search. I can see you’ve answered another comment of mine on the road map post, to say this is coming soon though, which is great :+1:

For this, we have “assets” in net worth and similar analytics in our investment product, but can be both improved.

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Still fairly new to the app and community, and couldn’t read all 305 posts, so apologies if this has already been mentioned, but I’d like to see more analytics based on tax year (I guess ideally where you can set your own tax year date to make it internationally flexible and also help business accounts). I’m starting to do my own tax returns and am setting up relevant categories and tags to track my interest income, etc. This is all fine, until I come to search totals back to the beginning of the tax period and there doesn’t seem to be a feature to go back to a specific date, just general periods. Aligned to this, I suppose a way to create your own custom dashboards would be great, for those with more bespoke requirements.