Welcome new Members 😜

Hey Everyone,

If we haven’t spoken yet, my name is Lilli and I’m Head of Community and Brand here at Emma. I look after this forum, the Emma social media channels and creative content amongst other things. :rofl: My background is in fashion and I fell into community management when I started working for Depop a buying and selling app for Millenials. Years later and here I am working for the best FinTech app in the world! :wink:

I wanted to create this feed to welcome members and see how you are getting on so far. So here are the first selection of new members I would like to welcome:


What do you think of Emma so far?

Is there anything you would like help with?

If you have any questions about the app please feel free to comment below and I would be happy to answer. If you do not want to post below but would like to contact me, you can reach out to me via DM on here.

Look forward to hearing from you!




It’s lovely to hear your story a bit Lilli. Well I have worked in a Supermarket for the last 16 years. Before that I worked in a NHS hospital. Money has always interested me but never been my good friend and when I got married the first thing I did was give her all the bank accounts! Before that I worked 2 years in Thailand, the RamaThibodi Hospital but that was hard work and no holiday!! Now we share financial responsibility and I have introduced her to high tech things like EMMA which is a really cool way of keeping cool when the bills roll in.


Hi, I would like to test out revolut even though, being Italian, I can’t have access to the English banks you need to set it up!

Wow Thailand sounds amazing @Hans, what did you do at the hospital?

Ha, now that is a story!! It was a 2 year training program in tropical Eye diseases, I saw it advertised. The hospital is part of the local University and was fearfully busy!! It was a huge slog ever so busy 8am to 4 30pm, . I worked in the eye dept second floor, learning my Thai, the culture is very different, and rushing about. I am an optometrist. We had fun as well, there is a ceremony called Songkran when we poured water over each other. Its a fun day throwing water about at people. It was a professional waste of my time really but I got to know the culture well. I was on my own there


Wow sounds like a fun experience! haha Do you still do optometry?

I think everyone could do with throwing water over each other at the moment with this weather!

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Yes the Songkran is meant to give Buddhist Blessing buts a great time for friendly revenge :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:I got to know the country and its people well. X


That sounds amazing @Hans

I’m rather envious, though I am sure it had its challenges also.


Oh yes plenty of challenges. My Thai language teacher told me that it was impossible to learn properly. Hmm… maybe. But its a lot of fun learning - the Thai people have a good sense of fun. Then there was the work - really hard work and with low wages (I was studying with them) - so I had to work evenings helping English classes. And then there is the public transport. Man oh man!! There was as acute shortage of sanitary toilets as well. Well, the markets were amazingly full of amazing interesting stuff. One doctor used to go into the countryside to the Sapphire mines and buy uncut stones - he had them cut in Singapore and made a decent profit. And the creepy crawlies !! Oh, my! So many students went camping in the jungle areas and came back with rashes and malaria etc. I returned to the UK broke, but it was an adventure!!
On my return I had to get a job and work hard to make a living for myself. I wish I had EMMA then!! Money came and went!! So, its a busy life really, I like my job and its nice caring for people worried with their vision. I have many friends I meet at work. I am still studying eyes BTW, I do about an hour an evening.
EMMA was quite big discovery, gained from Starling Bank Forum where it was mentioned. Starling Bank rocks! and EMMA integrates with this very well to produce a good sense of financial direction - the first time ever for me!!

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