Interesting Experience So Far

So, my initial impressions going in to Emma was that it was primarily a user-info harvesting platform or at the very least, just a medium for advertising cards, deals, and investing, with financial services on top to draw in users. I often see this in products that only build mobile apps, and don’t have a full web app for browsers as well.

Then, I started using the app and also found this community, which shocked me. In my experience, only companies that are actually interested in obtaining, analyzing, and following through on their customers’ feedback are using Discourse (this platform). So, that tells me that my initial assumptions were probably wrong.

Anyways this is just a general message to invite anyone from within the company or the community to chime in and talk about Emma’s goals, their long term vision, and why the app and services seem very different than the traditional services like Mint or YNAB that are already out there.

Hey @Carson,

thanks a lot for your message. :wave:

The whole team is here too, so feel free to post any feedback / ideas.