Do you follow us on IG?

Hey Everyone,

As you may have noticed we have been a little quiet on the Instagram side of things but that’s all about to change!

Yesterday we dusted off the cobwebs and started posting again so if you don’t already please head over and give us a follow. >>>> @emma_finance :two_hearts:

We are want to get the Emma community involved with our IG as much as possible so please comment below the type of content you want to see us posting :raised_hands:


Pictures of @edoardomoreni reacting to me requesting a new back integration.



@sebinsua and @caprotti are following us. I have spotted them. :upside_down_face:

This can be arranged…:joy:

Shhhhhh! :shushing_face:

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ahaha, we are working on this. It needs some love. Twitter is not enough. :wink: