Emma Reports... what are your thoughts?

Hey Everyone,

Hope you are having a great week!

I just wanted to check in to see if you have any feedback in regards to the reports we send out each week/month?

We want these reports to be a fun way of giving you some insights into your accounts and spending. Of course, we will be updating them all the time so you don’t see the same thing but I thought I would see if you had any ideas of facts/things you would like to receive.

Even if it’s something crazy like I would like to know how much money I’ve spent this year :rofl:

Could be anything!

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I’d personally like Emma to let me customize reports

Emma hasn’t once right got my income and outgoing right - and since you’ve limited changing names of transactions to pro, it never will as I can’t remember what half of the things are to exclude them :thinking: “gbp” doesn’t mean much to me.

I’ve given up even attempting to use it, so I’m going to just ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist

Yes, I do look and refer to the report every week. Its a bit scary to look into but is okay. I think its a good idea and yea okay and keeps with the fun idea of the whole app.
Kind idea, on the whole the big bills roll in monthly: so what about twelve possible entries - one for each month - looking ahead which we can place our expected expense that month and an emoji to tag it!!
It Septembe 20019 = Car Insurance = £450 (emoji grrr…) so on the bottom of the report will be these warnings to expect.

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When you say customise, what do you want to be told?

Nothing, personally, besides those little snippets telling me how much I’ve spent on KFC :joy: 0.2% of users my backside


@BendikHa @grant.m @Mudlark @grintoul @Jonny1623 @trofushka any thoughts?


Ooh, a callout. I HAVE ARRIVED! :raised_hands:

Honestly, I rarely use the reports, which in itself is feedback I guess? The only thing I’d ever really look up is how much I’ve spent on a specific category over the last few months (usually holidays, groceries or eating out) and it’s just out of curiosity when I do.

My main use case for Emma is the Accounts tab - I’m more interested in my realtime balance than my history :slight_smile:


Oh I always look forward to the reports tbh. I would like 'hey watch out car insurance due next month. I am always surprised I spend on sweets at work. But that’s not surprising as I work in a supermarket!! All our staff chomp their way through the day!!
To me the reports are good=it is what it is and keeps with the fun element

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If I am to give one suggestion it is that there should be a ‘Notifcation’ tab. In the past I’ve managed to acidently ‘X’ out the report a few times and therefore not being able to see it again, this goes with the other notifications as well.

How useful the reports are really varies. It is nice to get some insight on how much you spend on certain categories, but the ‘You spent more/less than other users’ dosen’t really make sense at this point when there isn’t that many users.


Similarly to a few others, I read all the reports but I don’t pay too much attention to them - the patterns of my spending in different categories is useful though! One of the main reasons I don’t use them as much as I could is because I do quite a lot of buying and selling of various things which tends to really throw my categories off because sometimes I’ve spent way over (but because I’m going to recoup the costs I don’t consider that actual spending), I started excluding all the associated transactions to simplify things - but it would be useful for me to have them excluded from my analytics but still be able to see the net gain overall - I’ve tagged all the associated costs but because they’re all excluded I can’t see my net gain overall - is there a better way to view the net gain of various transactions without including them in my main analytics?

The majority of notifications are visible on a deck that appears on the feed. For Reports, would it be useful to have double confirmation?

It’s an extra click, which I’d like to avoid putting in the app, but if it helps. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why is realtime useful?

I still believe this has never saved a life. :sweat_smile:

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Because in my everyday spending I use one current account and two credit cards, and the Accounts screen lets me quickly see my total balance across my accounts. For me that’s the main purpose - making sure credit card spending isn’t going to leave me net negative by the end of the month.


I’m very new to Emma so have only looked at one report

I was asked what happened on Wednesday (a large bill came out, so basically nothing happened on Wednesday) and was told my spending is in the top 10% of users (on my income, I doubt this very much, but other that doubt I have two thoughts 1) I need to exclude the iPad and iPhone from metrics as they were a gift and 2) it honestly doesn’t matter to me if my spending is higher than average because I’m effectively retired (I’m not going to live to 80 so no worries there and I can’t work) and because don’t have to worry about rent or mortgage either.

I spent £86 (according to the app and £146 if you include the money I paid into our joint account for all family bills and groceries, and some of that was subscriptions etc) last week and my income is about £300 per week, so I don’t consider that high. At all. I certainly don’t consider it problematic behaviour. I do collect records and he-man action toys but if I don’t do it now, I never will. £8 was for Readly, which has halved my spending on magazines.

As I say, I’m effectively retired now, so no old age to save for and no housing costs. I don’t smoke. I can’t drink. I don’t really go out. I haven’t been on holiday in years. I don’t have Sky or anything. I don’t have kids.

Basically I felt a bit got at, and don’t think I did anything to merit that, and I certainly don’t believe my spending is far higher than 90% of the population. Sorry

(Higher income than JSA etc because I am classed as severely disabled and unlikely to have a long life in front of me)

Hmm :thinking: i guess life is good :man_shrugging: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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What I mean is that if I accidentally close the quiz, report or any other notification. It would be nice to be able to go back and find it again.

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Each week I’m told I spend more than 99.8% (or something similar) than other users of a variety of merchants. At this point I just assume this number says more about the number of Emma users than my spend.


I don’t really bother looking at the weekly reports.

I think part of the reason for that is because it’s not necessarily convenient for me to look at the report on the day it appears. So I then dismiss it from the feed (I like the feed to be clean) but this means I can’t then go and access it on a later day. I suspect I’d be more likely to use the weekly reports if they were preserved somewhere in the app and could be accessed on demand.

However, I’ve just taken a look at this weeks report. My thoughts:

I found myself sometimes wanting to swipe back to the previous card. However, the report can only move forward.

I found myself wanting to click on a card to drill down into deeper insight. For example, there was a card which said I received x pounds in incoming transactions. I wanted to click on that card to remind myself what these transactions were.

I think the cards that tell you something about trends in your own spending patterns (e.g. your spend on entertainment is increasing compared to previous weeks) are more useful than those comparing spending to other Emma users.


“At this point I just assume this number says more about the number of Emma users than my spend.” <- I’ve thought this exact thing before, but now I’m more inclined to believe they are rough estimates/percentages and not necessarily accurate - I’d like to be wrong though @edoardomoreni - can you clarify?