Understanding Your Credit Score

I would skip CK all together and go direct to TransUnion then. CK is rubbish even if using TransUnion.

That’s the thing though, the link takes you directly to transunion assumably because they’re the parent company, if we had are own version, it would be good if we had some sort of thing like


Individual threads for each dispute and have the updates pushed in app and if it doesn’t get sorted , implement an escalation button where we could have a professional tailored template depending on the dispute.

what do you think ? Have you seen the setup of resolver ? @jase @rebekah

@sean.read - I have seen it and it works well for those on it. I am seeing more companies try to work with them directly to been seen to be doing good. Have you used it many times?

Back when they started I’ve taken advantage of it, having a special inbox with unique email addresses I think is a unique touch, I would love it if we can have that approach for escalations through Emma credit score related issues or general transactions like if you had a transaction and it was let’s say … a £800 laptop and at the bottom of the transaction there was a floating button saying escalate and have it talk through your rights and how to complain to the FOS for example would be awesome, I think it fits in with the financial assistant ethos :blush:

Obviously I speak as an external person but it’s ideal to ensure the core values of an app are always realised. Showing a score is good, but then building escalations into that with disposable email addresses etc… can be a tonne of work that hopefully not too many will need to use. :slight_smile:

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True :slight_smile: my over excitement can get the better of me :joy:

Keep up the enthusiasm :slight_smile:

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Thank you :blush: much appreciated !