[New feature] Rent Reporting to Equifax, Experian and Transunion

Hey guys,

I might have mentioned this before but we are working on a new feature that will be able to report your rent payments to Experian, Equifax, and other Credit Agencies.

This is an exciting new feature that works on top of Open Banking, so the only thing you would need to do is select your rent payment and let us report it every month.

You might find more info on Experian (Tenant Information | The Rental Exchange | Experian Business) and Equifax (Can Renting Improve Your Credit Score? | Equifax UK) websites.

I was wondering if you had ever tried something like this?


Never but am curious if you can report quarterly rent in the same way i pay my rent every 3 months currently not sure how this would impact me

Yes, this would work.

The only limitation is around the actual person that pays. This is the only one that can report.

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That is great is there a preview as to how we can see this in EMMA yet.

We should be able to put something here in the next few days.

From a user perspective, once this is setup (the tracking), there is nothing else to do.

Great looking forward to it

Just wanted to let you know we are adding Equifax to the Pro plan starting Monday. Emma Plus users will report to Experian, while Pro/Ultimate will report to both credit agencies. We are working to add Transunion. :wink:


This is fully out! :tada:


Nice! Looking forward to TransUnion being added as well!

Any plans for Crediva? I know it’s a minor player, but if that + TransUnion are added, then this feature would be at parity with CreditLadder, and I can stop using them (and paying them £60/yr for the privilege).

We are in touch with Transunion. :wink:

In regards to Crediva, do you know which lenders use them? I know them just because they are advertised on Credit Ladder. :sweat_smile:

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My understanding is that they mostly specialise in risk assessment for lenders, and are typically used in combination with the other three more traditional CRAs. Not sure which exact lenders use it, but checking my Experian credit report, I can see multiple soft searches from Lexis Nexis (= Crediva) connected to insurance quotations and identity verification. So for completeness’ sake, having Crediva would be nice.

But TransUnion is definitely a bigger missing piece of the puzzle, so very glad to hear it’s on its way! :+1:

Yes, this is very easy for us to do and to be honest, we should have done it much sooner. :wink:

We also wanted to bring the credit score and report in the app, but that has to wait for a bit.

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Credit score & report would be great, too!

Although, I did notice that Monzo attempts to offer this as part of their Plus product, but it’s only TransUnion, it only updates once a month, and it’s not the full report. Given how little engineering effort they seemingly invest in Plus in general, it’s hard to say if this is really the best they could do.

I find the Credit Club + Credit Karma + ClearScore combo really good in terms of full view of data across all CRAs (free, full credit report, weekly updates); but it is annoying to log into so many places - Credit Club doesn’t even have an app. If this experience can be replicated in Emma with a single login - and even with value-add features like automatic highlighting of discrepancies between the different CRAs - then that’d be worth money.

Anyway, maybe off-topic?

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Yes, I totally agree with you.

Credit score is not that expensive so having the 3 under a subscription is doable. I am not quite sure Experian sells it since they have a consumer product.

Equifax and Transunion are quite happy to sell it.

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We are chatting with Transunion and this might go live soon.

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Is there a way to backdate payments if the transaction is successfully sent with the same reference?


Ideally, we need to verify them and the agencies would like to see the future from the day we start reporting.

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I +1 the idea of back-dating…this would be strengthening the claim to being a tenant who pays on time…

By the way, Transunion is happening, so we’ll be reporting to the 3 main CRAs.

If this could work it would be great! Forsure something worth looking into!

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