Is Emma right for me?

Hi all,

Sorry to post a new thread instead of reading through all the previous posts. There’s so many posts and faqs it’s a bit overwhelming.

I’m hoping you can help me work out if Emma is the service I’m looking for.

In short I’m after an account and/or app that can do the following:

  • Show me a graph of my balance compared to the same point in the previous months so I can see if I’m ahead or behind. Ideally the app would also know about upcoming bills so that I don’t accidentally think I’ve got more money left than I really have.

  • At the end of the month, when I get paid, take any remaining balance and pay it towards my credit card.

  • If there’s any money left after paying off the credit card, pay the remainder into my savings account.

Hopefully, such a thing exists


Emma does not initiate payments at the moment, so your second and third points are not covered.

In terms of displaying balances, Emma sort of does what you describe, but maybe not exactly in the way you want.

Emma is completely free, unless you decide you want the Premium features as well, so I’d just download it and connect one or two accounts to get a feel for it!

Hi. Thanks for the answer. I’ll download and have a play.

Shame that there doesn’t seem to be an app or account that can easily track your remaining funds vs your expected remaining bills exists. Send it would be relatively straightforward to do with access to the data.

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Have a play around with the Budgets feature! You might find it does (enough of) what you’re looking for.

Hey :wave::wave:

@Gaoler is right about the last two points - it’s not really possible to do this (yet!)

We do have a “subscriptions” section in the app that might help you! It basically shows all your active recurring payments from direct debits, standing orders and normal purchases. We’ll then be able to predict when your next payment is due and how much it’s going to cost :blush:

Bit more info about this here: Add a subscription | Emma App