Credit Score & Reports

We are collecting some Feedback. :slight_smile:

Would you love to see your Credit Score and Reports in Emma? Which agencies are you using?

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Yes :ok_hand:

I use Clearscore. Not fussy about the rating agency.

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So we stop using ClearScore. :wink:

Experian and ClearScore (Equifax)
Would love to see credit score listed, along with a graph to show credit score compared to new worth

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All the three of them! :slight_smile:


Ehehe, I guess we can start with 1. :wink:

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Most popular.

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Agreed. Experian seems the most used one.

They would never do it. :wink:

Experian would never allow you to embed their credit score into your platform?

They would. At my company we have integrations with Experian and TransUnion and it’s all just about the agreement you have with them.

Personally I think I’d like to see you start with Equifax. Experian is massive and I know it can be expensive. I think TransUnion gets a bad rep but actually are super great to work with.

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Credit Karma or totally money - they’re pretty identical
As well as clearscore and Experian

Experian has been integrated into the Barclaycard card app very well, and is also the reference agency used for the MSE credit club website



They would do it for businesses.

For consumers, the only credit agency that doesn’t have a product which could directly compete with Emma is TransUnion. :slight_smile:

They both use TransUnion. :wink:

I think, for Emma, we can have Credit Score in the Feed and then add Reports later on in Emma Pro or similar. :slight_smile:

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That’s about to change :wink: but I will say no more. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Is it relevant if the provider have their own platforms/competition? The benefit of having a credit rating integrated with Emma would be the ability to compare trends and patterns in credit rating v’s net worth, spending and debt repayment habits.

I use all three UK credit reference agencies on a regular basis. But the monthly free versions.
Clearscore, Credit Karma and Credit Club for Equifax, Trans Union and Experian respectively.

They do give different information and have different credit providers listed which is why i use all three.

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