Transactions changing names over time

Hey. I recently discovered that multiple of my transactions has changed the merchants weeks (and months) after capture. As I’ve gone through all my past transactions I was quite surprised. I understand that transactions might change between auth and capture, but I didn’t expect it to change weeks after capture. This does not seem to be an issuer with one bank, but rather an issue with both PayPal and Chase Bank.

A few Ruter-transactions (Bus co) has changed from Ruter to ‘Credit Card’ and my DoorDash transaction has changed to ‘Stripe. Surprisngly enough, only a few of them changed. Not all of them. Now I dont’ know if this is outside of Emma’s control or not, but if it is. I’d like to be notified when it happens so I can go in and manually edit them.

Hey @BendikHa

Sorry I am not quite sure what you mean by this? So you are saying that some of your transactions have changed name weeks after they have gone through your account?

You’re right. That’s the case.

If we approve the merchants or add new ones, the visible name will change. You can still find the full transaction at the bottom of the transaction view. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you’re getting what I’m saying. I’m saying that out of maybe 10 transactions from one merchant, a few of them have suddenly changed their names. If you were to update the merchant, I would understand it changing, but then it should have happened to all of them.

You reported lots of merchants and we have approved them, so it’s okay the name changes. If the reference, at the bottom of the page, is still the same. There shouldn’t be any problem.