Conflict with company logo and personal name

I transferred my daughter Zara some cash and It’s been flagged as the store Zara. It won’t let me edit the Zara logo but I did notice that I could do that for other transactions.


There is something weird going on with renaming transactions and adding logos, I can’t seem to be able to do it for all transactions, sometimes even from the same merchant and account?

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Yes, this can be the case. We are working on a fix.

Any chance you can reach out to support with amount and date of this transaction? We can fix it. :slight_smile:

Renaming should be fine and available for all of them. :slight_smile:

12th Aug and amount was £150.

Sorry, I meant setting a merchant & logo from twitter - have a look here:
Screenshot_20190820-143020 Screenshot_20190820-143032

Transaction on the right doesn’t even have an option to improve the logo - is it due to enabling open banking on that account? I noticed they do look slightly different, even though it was the same merchant and the same account?

Thanks for this. The best way is to reach out to Support in the App.

There is a live chat in the More tab, we can take it from there. :slight_smile:

ps: in this case, the second string is different, so we are not matching it.

Yeah, already chated with the support, apparently it’s a known bug that should get fixed in the future. For the record, I’m not saying they should have had the same logo, but that I can’t fix it for the 2nd transaction as the option is missing.

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Thanks for sharing this, it’s really helpful. :slight_smile: