Transaction rename doesn’t always remember the amendment

If I receive a faster payment it reverts to the original name of the payee.

Not every transaction from a merchant remembers the edit, IE my income transaction, I have to rename manually, some shops it will remember and some it won’t, not sure if it’s just me.

Can you take a video?

It would also be helpful to message live chat and report the transactions that are not saving.

Taking a video of an incoming transaction then resync?

That’s going to be a nightmare, going to my closest supermarket which warrants a long journey, just to purchase an item, to prove there’s a bug.

if it doesn’t happen baring in mind it’s sporadic, I’ve wasted money on unneeded items as well as the travel costs.

Faster payments are not regular, if someone owes me money and sends it to me, it depends on the circumstances which can average at a couple of times a month.

live chat are too busy to deal with transaction amendments, just to get an acknowledgment it takes hours, IE had to open a ticket to amend one transaction and took me several days of chasing.

That’s why I opened it under the bug category.

Just knowing what transactions you think are affected and reporting them to live chat is good enough for us to start digging. :slight_smile:

By the way, thanks for reporting this.

It seems we have a specific bug on Starling - we are looking at this.

ps: also suggesting the logo doesn’t change the name.

They’re all Revolut transactions, I didn’t mention the logo, the other thread was an example used for context, no worries.

Are these transactions that you have submitted feedback for?

As in you submit feedback and then rename on top?

I’ve submitted the screen shots of the transactions with the rename already applied alongside the original name at the bottom. It’s all in the live chat thread.

@edoardomoreni could you clarify what happens when users take the following actions from the transaction page:

  1. Rename a transaction (rename button - top right of page)

  2. Submit a Twitter handle (Something wrong button - bottom of page)

Both of these actions produce immediate changes within the app suggesting they are user/installation specific. Are these changes also reviewed by the Emma team for wider deployment?

Is auto application to future transactions dependent on Emma team reviewing and approving the changes?

Like I have issues with my rename and logo changes not auto-applying to some future transactions. I did send several messages to support last year about this (highlighting specific transactions) but the situation never improved so I gave up.

The rename functionality is a local one for the user in case they want to rename the transaction in whatever format they want.

Submit has two hidden functionalities:

  1. makes a change on the logo for current and past transactions - not future.
  2. sends us feedback about the transaction - we can make internal improvements for all Emma users with this feedback.

The feedback is sometimes applied and other times is dismissed for everyone, but it will still work on your account.

All our detection is string based, so suggesting something like “FEE” as a StarlingBank transaction can not be applied to the whole user base, but you can still do it on your account for extra customisation.


Is the rename function supposed to auto-apply to future transactions as well?

If Emma team adopts the logo submission for whole user base, will it then apply to future transactions?

How specific is the matching (for both rename and logo submission)?

One of the problem merchants I have is Now TV. For whatever reason, every month they seem to slightly change one aspect of the transaction name that appears on my card statement (and also passed to Emma via open banking). For example one month it will be “NOW X7234 SPORTS, LONDON” and then the next month the second word will change to something else, e.g. “NOW 34EG1 SPORTS, LONDON”. I try to rename this “Now Sports” within Emma, but it never sems to stick for future transactions. Is this because Emma is trying to map the rename to an exact transaction name string (which would explain why it is not sticking) or is Emma rename function supposed to be a bit flexible and match similar strings?

Only current and past.

Yes :slight_smile:

NOW is something we can/need to sort internally cause the string changes every month, that’s why it won’t work on your side. It requires a specific rule that says “NOW + space + 5digits” assign it to NOW the merchant.

We can check this :slight_smile:

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+1 from me on the NowTV issue also…had noticed that I need to manually amend (and sometimes add the correct logo).

Thanks for looking into this, Emma team :blush:

Ok thanks. So if Emma is repeatedly getting that merchant name wrong and that merchant doesn’t have a Twitter account, I suppose the only option is to alert customer support?

It might be helpful to put some of the information that has been provided in this thread in appropriate places in the app. For example, I didn’t previously know that rename won’t affect future transactions and I didn’t previously know that logo submission won’t affect future transactions unless approved by Emma team.

Yes, if it’s a big merchant like NOW TV, we can look at it. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I think this is an issue with the product that should communicate better how the feature works. I am going to look into it.

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Can we change this to remember future transactions too? Other apps do this and it’s quite handy when it remembers to rename & recategorise future transactions