Rename transaction persistence

When I rename a transaction the new name is not always automatically applied the next time I use the same merchant. I then have to manually rename again.

Based on discussion with in-app support I understand this is because local (account-specific) changes are not persistent.

Is this something that will be improved? Whilst it’s not a massive issue it is something that is a bit irritating.


Are we talking about the same merchant on multiple cards? :slight_smile:

It might be an issue in this case cause every card would read the merchant in a different way.

No. Same account

If you can report the merchant to the support chat, we can check it.

I’ve experienced it with several merchants. I’ve flagged to support previously.

I’ve been told user-initiated renames (via rename function on transaction page) is local to the user and does not get applied to your global merchant database. They therefore don’t get automatically applied next time the merchant is used.

Hence this feedback/ideas thread to suggest it would be good if they did.

I thought the autorenaming is handled by rules on the server side. I have had CS successfully update at least one rule that I recommended, which has then applied to future transactions

Yes customer service has done this for me as well. My understanding is they update the global (all users) merchant database and the rename rule will then be applied to all Emma users’ future transactions with that merchant.

But I don’t want to have to contact customer service whenever I want a renaming rule to automatically apply to future transactions. I’d like the in-app rename function (which i gather is specific to my Emma account) to be auto applied to my future transactions.

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This should already happen.

The issue is if a transaction is called

Edoardo Moreni 1234

and the next one shows as:


We don’t detect it, so the rule needs to be created for the next one as well.

In my case, the lack of auto-renaming doesn’t seem to be explained by merchant identifier changing from transaction to transaction (the grey text on the transaction page is stable from transaction to transaction).

Is there any regex matching on the server side?

Regex would not catch this, but rather some fuzzy / distance-based matching but this is not a perfect mechanism either. Vendors like OpenWrks provide a service to do this at a cost

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