Learning of Transaction name change


Can we have a feature where we can change the name of a transaction and then it will do it for all transactions in the future for that merchant? I have merchant transaction which just shows as EPOS and I change it to the retailer name and it is in a custom category. Spending there again it recognises the custom category but still has the old name. Can we have something that applies to all past and future transactions?


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Unfortunately, this has been not done on purpose - chances to reclassify something wrong are too high and you would be in chat complaining every other day minutes. :sweat:

Would it not be possible to apply the same logic as the recategorisation for simialr transactions to the names of transactions so when you are renaming something it asks do just this once or check similar transactions and remembers you choice for the future similar transactions

We already have this. :wink:

The issue is with future transactions - the other challenge is with references that change.

There are certain types of payments that come in with a fixed reference “Apple” + numbers that change all the time.

This is something I wanted until I realised how difficult it would be to control. Especially when you can purchase so many things that fall under many categories under the same vendor such as apple or google.

I’ve come round to the way of thinking that it’s actually a really good practice and habit to continually monitor and classify my transactions as the come into Emma. Of course there is the transaction delay of often 3 days but it’s easier within that timeframe to search my emails and find out what I was charged for at that value. Amazon is a great example for this which as a whole probably covers like 5 custom categories for me.

It’s the delay that’s the killer, that’s putting me off using all the features of Emma to their full extent.

If I could fix names and categories in real time, I wouldn’t even mind the work. But having to work out 3-5 days later which £3.56 was at Tesco and which was at the Costa inside of Tesco, it makes it harder than it needs to be.

Having to wait through that delay before I can split transactions across categories (against a receipt I might have lost by then) is also frustrating.

If only we could edit the pending transactions, it’d be the perfect app. :ok_hand:


Agree. I’m pretty sure my pending transactions don’t change that often. That delay of figuring out what I spent 3 days ago is a real bummer