Trading212 Integration

Currently, due to EMMA not being able to connect with trading212, I have been looking around at other platforms and it seems as though moneyhub allows for the trading212 integration. Therefore it would be nice if EMMA was able to add this feature as another platform seems to be able to connect this information.

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Hey Vlad, We’re always looking to integrate more platforms with Emma and will look into getting Trading 212 on there!

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Update on this it seems trading 212 is building an API could EMMA look to support them.

It doesn’t seem to be a commercial one, but more for personal use. We can check it tough.

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From the thread it seems they are open to building what users want/need so if you could look and check that would be great.

Yeah we’ll monitor this one!

From the feed it seems that Trading212 are building the API to integrate with services like EMMA, if this is the case will EMMA be adding them to the list of connections?

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Read only access will be granted very soon, am very keen for this.

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So am I its brilliant just need to push for open banking api to be a standard for everything including pensions

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Hopefully they choose to build an API that is for commercial use! We’ll just have to wait and see!

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I got a reply to a different thread when I asked if they plan on doing a commercial or just personal they expect to add both in the next few weeks. So I’d expect the integration to be made.

Trading 212 API Available for real money accounts - What's new - Trading 212 Community :thinking: update as of five days ago, do you reckon it’s complete?

This is for personal use.


We also have a competing product with trading212, so I doubt we can find an agreement or make it happen. :grimacing:

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Not for a Greggs sausage roll? Damn, never mind. :joy:

Nope, also if you are an Emma Ultimate customer, our fees are lower than trading212.

Whole shares and leverage trading is something that’s preventing the transition if I’m honest.

You want to buy whole shares instead of fractionals?

I would be more willing to give it crack with whole share implementation and a pre purchase breakdown instead of having to deposit money just to see said details. I think something that Moonpay does is refresh the invoice every 15-30 seconds.

Whole shares is a toggle for us, but the reasoning was “no one wants them”. :sweat_smile:

Why would you like to see whole shares?

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