Trading 212 Integration

Wondering if there is any news on a T212 integration?
I believe I saw it on a 2019 integration suggestion list but that’s closed of now.
Use it as my main trading platform :hugs:

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Not yet, but we are looking to enable trading in Emma.

What assets are you interested in? :slight_smile:

Mostly tech related, probably because I’m a techy guy :thinking:
How about you?


What is it about T212 that makes you use it as your main platform? I only use Freetrade atm but am always interested in what makes people download certain apps vs others!!

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I have a small portfolio (£10k) on Freetrade and it’s just US stocks.

Coinbase, Asana, Plantir, Bumble, UIPath, Affirm, Palantir, Snowflake, NIO, Honest Company and Greatland Gold (UK).

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Any chance of a Trading 212 Integration, this would be one of the better integrations for stocks and shares. Given that this is the main stock broker for UK customers even greater than free trade!

The reason why this is better than Freetrade and other companies like Etoro is due to:

Regulated by the FCA and covered by the FSCS
No minimum deposit
No funding fees
Zero commission
Supports CFD trading in which allows users who trade currency pairs to track both there stock and forex trades under one service
Quick registration process
Beginner-friendly mobile app
Over 2,500 global stocks, ETFs, and CFDs to trade almost reaching 3,000 stocks.
When you join up and refer friends you get a free stock each time worth up to £100

Freetrade VS Trading 212

Freetrade is also good but it overall comes down to available stocks available and for a free service Trading212 comes out on top!

Hopefully we can get this integrated!


Me too. Best in the game and very tech friendly I thought this would be integrated long ago

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Yh it’s a quality service all-round!

There’s already an integrations thread:

The prerequisite isn’t really whether it’s any good. It’s whether T212 provides an API that 3rd parties like Emma can use to connect to it.

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I’d also love for this to be integrated!

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Ooo really interesting to see it like this.

I’m not a super serious investor - currently only investing a very small amount each month using Freetrade. I didn’t realise there was such a difference between the available stocks on each!

Will Emma be it’s own trading platform or a tool to action trades on other platforms?

We are looking at trading platform. :slight_smile:

I would like integration with Trading212. I presume you are using community interactions to decide priority of integrations. Just getting my vote in here in the form of a reply to this topic.

Trading212 is one of the biggest investment/ISA platform. Wonder why its not in the list when Free trade is available

Freetrade is not available. :frowning:

Seen in the app :flushed:

Try to tap on it. :wink: