Tracking Stocks and Commodities

Hey guys,

we are building stock tracking at Emma. :slight_smile:

Do you use any apps out there? We’d love to get some feedback.

At this point, it’s very unlikely we’ll directly plugin into etoro, freetrade or any other service out there, so we want to give you the ability to tell us how many shares you have bought, the price and the ticker. After that, we’ll be able to track it in Emma.


I don’t buy individual stocks but being able to track my Vanguard ETFs and Index funds would be gratefully received. Currently I have to log in to the Vanguard website each time which is a little clunky.

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I’ve never really used one. I think mainly because almost all my stocks/funds (in terms of total value) are on a single platform so never really felt the need for an over-the-top portfolio tracker.

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We have some users that still add these manually in Emma, so we thought it would be a nice addition. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I used Genuine Impact;

This feature will be very handy given current lack of access to trading212 connection. I use the “my stock portfolio and widgets” app. It does what you plan to implement i.e set number of stocks and ticker. The main usp is the widget which is a game changer. I can basically get a quick glance from home screen.



we were thinking exactly this and if you have positions with multiple brokers, you can see them together. :slight_smile:

Would we be able to buy actual stocks and have the share certificates or would this be putting on positions on stocks? I am potentially interested in both, subject to fees/charges. Thanks for clarifying.

Awesome!! I am super excited snout this :clap:t2: I track my employee share scheme through Emma - no external app, I just keep track of the total with a manual account - but ability to add the stock ticker and number of shares and have it calculate automatically will be awesome :blush:

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We are just referring to tracking stocks in the thread.

With this said, we are checking how feasible buy/sell could be.

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Yes, yes.

We could also have a Watch list section to track favourite stocks.

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Yes!!! Thank you!!! That is amazing!

Could you please add support for international stocks? I am thinking Greek market personally but it would be a nice feature.

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I use Plum and have adjust their value Manually at present!

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This would be nice!

Do you use any apps to track stocks?

Yes. I have an account at Interactive Investor. It would be great to have Emma track this account, but if it’s not feasible for you to implement, having the ability for a Stocks account that can update from stock name or ticker and qty held would be great.

A watch list that doesn’t link to Net Worth would also be really useful. The ability to enter qty bought and transfer to the Stocks account would be fantastic.

Thanks for the opportunity to add to the cconversation.

What about trading stocks in Emma for free? :wink:

That I think would be very enticing for a lot of people. I would say for your UK customer base, I’d look at Trading212, Fundsmith, HL, II, Vanguard and Free trade. I reckon that will cover off the most widely used stock and find trading platforms.

That’s my 2 cents anyway. I’m tracking manually through offline accounts, so something like this I think is going to be very well received across your current and potential user base.

Thanks and good luck!

Free trading would be fantastic. In my case the savings on trading would far outweigh the cost of my Emma subscription.

I’d then have to be a lifetime Emma subscriber!

Yes, cause to be honest with you guys, we have been having multiple conversations with trading apps and it’s probably easier to build stock trading than ask for an API to connect.