Investments Support

Hi Emma Community,

This is my first post :slight_smile:

I just got the app and love it. Although I want to ask if it’s possible to add support in the Investments section of Net Worth for Trading 212. As this is the application that I use for my investment ISA and a large portion of my net worth is there.

Thanks for any response or advice in advance.

Hi Aamon

At the moment I don’t think there are immediate plans for new providers.

The way I manage this is with Emma pro - I have manual accounts for my investment accounts and then have a smart rule which identifies me moving money from my main account to the investment account.

Once a month I adjust the balance to match that in the investment account for gains/losses etc.

It’s not perfect but it does the job. I seem to remember some chat about Emma being able to track stock/tracker fund prices in the future and automatically adjust account values depending on these, but can’t see this on the official roadmap


In regards to Trading212, they don’t have an API we can connect too.

Further, we are building Emma Invest which will enable trading in the app.

Is this likely to ever be a thing @edoardomoreni?

Would be nice to see a ‘smart rules mk 2’ feature that can add interest or stock price change each month to a manual account!

(Although smart rules still don’t seem to work very well with my monzo account and the reference/ID confusion)