Adding individual stocks as investment

Hi, I have a few stocks with a broker which is not available for connection, any chance there could be a feature to build an offline portfolio where one could add individual stocks? Thx

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Hey @FM13,

this is something that we have considered in the past and might add in the future.

As of now, we are working to provide our own investment services in the app, so we are laser focused on this. You should be able to trade US securities commission-free in Emma by the end of the year.


Thank you @edoardomoreni, in my case these are stocks from my company that I’d like to just see in my investments but I guess if you are becoming a broker he’d be easier to have virtual like/paper portfolio then to integrate. Cheers

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If they are not that volatile, offline accounts work well (I use it for crypto).

Sure thx, that’s how I have it now.