Net worth extras

With property values being considered in the net worth total, a property tab Would be useful, that can add a manual mortgage account. As only equity should be considered not the property value?
Vehicle tab would also be useful, that can track car value, as wall as monitor transactions for car insurance and vehicle tax to detail last payments and estimated renewal dates.

I think some sort of manual account templates for savings accounts, mortgages, cars, loans - anything you can think of - would be amazing and really increase the utility of the app, particularly if you can link your manual account to transactions in a connected account.

So, a nice quick form for a manual mortgage account with boxes for estimated value, outstanding mortgage, current interest rate, maybe even date the fixed rate ends etc. Then the ability to select the mortgage payment subscription/transactions in your live account, so that the equity balance can be gradually updated as you pay it off, make overpayments and so on.

This is coming and it’s being developed.

We are adding Advanced Net Worth in Emma Pro.

You will be able to include whatever you want. :slight_smile:


My main want/need would be to treat mortgage and house value separate from short term debt/loans, but still considered as part of net worth

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Yes, this will be included. :wink: