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I’m a big user of Tandem credit card (basically all my spending) but I never use any of the other offerings.

Never linked bank accounts, get annoyed at paper statements and having to call the phone line to do anything like order a new card.

Anyone use the full offering?

I think @grant.m has tried the aggregator.

The only reason I stick with Tandem is because of the 0.5% cash back and the instant notifications. Nothing else about the company, and their app, is revolutionary. The UI is basic to say the least and the customer service response times are archaic.

I tried their auto-savings round-up feature for a few weeks but found it poor due to a poor savings rate (0.5%), and that the round-up collections didn’t actually tell you what transactions it had rounded up.

Overall, once I identify a credit card that offers the same/better cash back, instant notifications and a better user experience them I’m jumping ship.

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Same. I’ve no loyalty to the brand

That’s quite interesting and yet MoneySavingExpert is rating it as a top choice (https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2017/10/new-fee-free-overseas-credit-card-to-offer-05-cashback/).

Have you tried the aggregator?

Only bank account that I can connect is Nationwide.

It says it updates regularly, but it’s more like every 24 hours. The transaction feed is also horrendously messy!

I thought Tandem used to have an in-app aggregator?

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By the way, how’s the aggregator? Can you share?

What’s happened with the API? It was down as May, now September.

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I am even surprised they have a forum. :open_mouth:

They do?

The only tandem forum I found was about cycling - true :flushed:

The screenshot looks like from a Discourse forum, which is the platform we are using here… :slight_smile:

Do you have link? I just don’t see anything that looks like a community forum.

cc @grant.m

No, I get the link to Tandem - I’m not seeing any link to their community forum - you mention a screenshot?

Yeah, @grant.m posted a screenshot from the Tandem forum a few messages above. :slight_smile:

Hi Grant

Do you have a forum link?

The Discourse forum is for Tandem’s auto-savings beta testing. Can only sign up if you’re on their trial list (unique email with invite is sent out).

The screenshot is from the Monzo forum, but in dark mode.

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