Chase Bank UK Integration

Any plans for this now they’re live and have 1% cashback? I assume they have to have an open banking API as a UK payment account?


We are looking into this, and we’ll provide an ETA soon.
Could you let me know what you think about Chase?

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It’s decent. No Google pay or direct debits or current account switching service yet though makes it a no go.

But debit card 1% cashback is a big win as a secondary account until the above is sorted

Very keen on seeing an integration for this too.

I’m using it for cashback at the moment, transferring from my main bank account to Chase when I’m purchasing something, keeping no regular balance in there.


Yeh I’m just topping it up with £50 when it falls below £50 and using it as much as possible. Normally seems like too much hassle but the cashback and roundup interest I think make it worthwhile!

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Just got this set up now too, would love to see an Emma integration!

Also the 1% cashback is only a year from when you activate it and not for the lifetime of the account but still great nonetheless!


I’d like to see this too!

Nice, ehehe.

We have checked on the Open Banking directory and they are not yet listed, I’ll try to ask Chase directly to see if we can do something.


Would love to see integration too! The cashback and roundups are a really good deal :slight_smile: