Chase Bank Waitlist is Live 🇬🇧

Chase Bank have officially launched the waitlist for their new UK bank launch today.

Features will include:
• 1% cashback on spending for a year
• 5% interest on roundups
• No FX fees for spending abroad

What’s everyone’s thoughts?

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When is the integration coming in? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No DDs, no open banking. One to watch.

The biggest innovation is multiple free accounts - it looks like you can open any number of current accounts. They’re even suggesting you can open an account for a specific purpose (eg holiday) then close it instantly when done.

Bunq has had this, but no UK bank so far, I believe.

The cashback is limited to 12 months and the roundup savings will give most people pennies a month, so not particularly generous.

Need to check this. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have been trialling it for a while and now it launched today, I have recommended it to a few friends already.

The customer service is brilliant and everything is simple and easy to use.

I would highly recommend opening an account :+1:

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It’s easy with 3 customers. ahah

There’s far more than that but obviously not massive. Staff were an impressive uptake during trials.

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Yes, of course.

It’s very easy to manage in the early days. I think the problems come at scale (see monzo).

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Time will tell. As much as everyone talks about an endless pot of money with JPM, it’s really not the case that they will just keep throwing money into it forever. We will see in 12 months time when everyone stops getting cashback if that boosts the profit for Chase UK :joy:

That’s true, it’ll be interesting to see how they do!

Since you’ve been trialling it, would you consider making it your main bank account @jase?

100% but I’m not quite ready to give up Monzo Premium yet. Give it 3 months and I think I’ll be fully migrated over :slight_smile:

That’s really interesting to hear. I’ve signed up to their waitlist so I’m excited to have a play around with it!

They are one of the few banks to get the sustainability mark from MasterCard. I’m a little bit proud of them for this as it’s not easy to do while issuing plastic and running a retail bank.

Let me know what you think when you get your account running @kia :+1:

I’m on the list. Interesting to see a new, old banks take on digital banking. Hope they add to things they offer.
The card is a bit of a stand out with no numbers on it.

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Thoughts are that it’s time to make several £1,01 top-ups on Revolut to really make use of that roundup interest, maybe a few thousands worth of it, in fact

I think that type of merchant is excluded. They list it as “Account funding” - If I find time later, I’ll top-up my Revolut account and let you know.

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Anyone got the invite? I am still waiting.

I’ve just updated my payroll to deposit in it so I’m committed to move over to it in full now.

I still haven’t started my 12 months of cashback it seems, I thought I had. I will wait until my salary arrives and then go wild.

Hopefully you don’t wait too long @edoardomoreni

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+1 Still waiting.

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I can’t see how anybody can fully commit when they don’t support direct debits yet, or do you have an account with another bank for that?