Tandem discussion & feedback

Ah, makes sense. Thanks.

I don’t get why they’ve not launched a forum for all to use, enabling discussion on the growing product. An opportunity missed.

Probably because they don’t want all the negativity hosted on their own platform :joy::joy:

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Ahahaha, I was open to the forum after shipping custom categories, even though they are in Pro.

I don’t get why MoneySavingExpert would rate Tandem as the best.

^^ this exists

1% on all spending (you must spend £3k a year or you receive no cashback)

It’s paid every 13 months as a bill credit.

No limit AFAIK and if you do over 9000 a year on it you might be better off with the other card which offers 1.25% (although this has a £25 annual fee)

I can give you a referral link I believe if you guys were to DM me.

Tandem is probably the second choice though - purely for the notifications (with Aqua being the choice for people who aren’t eligible for anything but subpar lending)

P.S. some tips to increase Amex acceptance is to try PayPal and to not tell them you’re paying with Amex as some consciously refuse it despite being able to accept it

I find in my town acceptance is actually pretty good though

Bye bye, Tandem!

What happens if you don’t upgrade?

Card cancelled.

There is no free version?

Nope - completely gone!

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What a disaster.

There is but apparently existing members can’t switch.

It seems like they have also run out of advertising budget.

Screenshot 2020-01-10 at 12.42.35

I can’t see them lasting long/getting many customers. I was thinking that it might just about be worth signing up, but they won’t do additional/supplementary cards. There’s no way it would be worth having separate Tandem “memberships” for my wife and me. They will also not consider credit limit increases - you’re stuck with what you got when you got the card originally.

I just don’t see how it adds up to worthwhile, unless you have £85K to stick in the savings account.

It seems like they are running out of Ads budget.

Screenshot 2020-01-16 at 16.14.25