Do you use round up features to save?

Hi everyone,

With the recent Chase integration (:tada:) and the number of comments regarding nofication from Chase’s round up features I am curious to know how many of you utilise this type of feature to save?

I recently just turned it on myself and so I am excited to see how much adds up over time!
If you have been using this type of feature share your experience and any financial wins that have come as a result!

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No. I’ve never really found round ups and other forms of auto saving (such as algorithmic decisions) to be appealing.

I think they do have benefits for those with irregular income, but I think for those with predictable, regular income its better to figure out what you can afford to save/invest and pay that money into a savings/investment account as soon as you get paid.

Interesting! I’ve finally decided to give it a go to see how it accumulates over time but I definitely do not expect it to be able to replace my regular savings allocations!

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Personally i like it just as in my head when I pay for something i round up anyway and it feels like a nice bonus end of the year similar to when you would collect your change back in the day. The chase interest is nice too but obviously nothing crazy and never enough in there to make a difference I just see it as another option like using a points credit card to maximise my return on everyday spending.