Chase now offering 1.5% instant access savings account

As the title says, today I received an email from chase that they offer instant access savings account with 1.5% AER.

This is by far the best option in UK right now as far as Instant access goes. I had my emergency fund with Marcus (0.7%) until this morning but just transferred everything out.

I know it has been mentioned a lot but I wish Emma would put some effort with Chase to provide an integration.


That is a lot!

Thanks for sharing.

In terms of us, we are committed to building the integration, we are just waiting for them to have it.


Are chase on the list of integrations?
1.5% on savings, plus 1% cashback, and 5% interest on round ups, chase seem to be 1 of the best options right now

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We tried to integrate them recently, but they don’t have an API that works like the others.

Very frustrating that the API doesn’t work properly (seems to be on Chase’s end from previous threads). I now use a chase card day to day and their savings account - which with no API means lots of manual transactions in Emma if I can be bothered to track them.

Chase do have an email for ‘feedback’ on their API - - perhaps we all need to provide some!

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How do you turn on the auto rounding?

Should be under rewards at the bottom of the Home Screen

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Would be good if someone created a template that we could all use to send.

I know I have Chase for their numberless card when travelling.

I am tempted to switch out mine from my FSCS protected Revolut vault at 0.55% now and move a big chunk of it to Chase.

Chase don’t wanna play ball though with the API open banking, legally they have to but it seems there is no requirement on their refresh rate so they set it to need to re authorise it every half an hour

Put me off them and so stopped using them until they get their s*}t together

Awesome interest though