Subscriptions are driving me up the wall

A month or so back you made what should have been some “improvements” to subscriptions. Since then subscriptions have become very unstable. Examples are

Old one off payments from a year ago suddenly appearing with out reason

Subscriptions that have valid frequencies and dates not showing in the proper date order

Some subscriptions not showing the date on the summary screen

The continual inability to have subscriptions with the same vendor for quite different transactions with their own dates and frequency. This should have been fixed in the last round of improvements as it is the most annoying functionality gap that you have

Subscriptions not matching. Even the payment to your self through Google play did not match and I have had to create a new one from the payment earlier this week and make the last one inactive

An error message flashes up some times when I create a subscription saying this is embarrassing and then I have to wait a day before it appears in the subscription list so it can be edited for frequency

What were the intended improvements?
I don’t see anything specific mentioned in App Store version history.

Do you mean like if you have various payments to Apple at different times of the month and that messes up subscriptions and committed spending amounts? I agree it would be great if this could be improved but it doesn’t seem like an easy problem to solve as the transaction name from vendor is the same throughout the month (for Apple at least). What would be your suggestion to solve?

As an aside, in the case of subscription payments to Apple I wish Apple would just bundle everything together into a single monthly payment instead of scattering multiple payments throughout the month.

Can you reach out to support? :slight_smile:

I think we had some issues with people who were migrating to Open Banking.

Already did this and they just told me to make them inactive so I just did this for the one that appeared this week

I am not sure what the improvements were. When all the items started to appear in random order about a month ago and not their usual date order support told me that a recent update had caused the issue. I also had a lot of old payments appear at the same time and support told me that this was happening as they had updated.

On the multi subs I only have different months and not inter month. I do not see what the difficulty is. You select the transaction that you want to make a sub and past transactions with that vendor at that time should not feature clearly when the sub is due it searches for the transaction around the date with an amount say 90 to 110% of value and then logs that one as done and registers it against that sub to show the history. Nothing difficult about that! Some times too much complexity in the background makes for poor functionality and experience you could make it less vendor agnostic for the matching with greater emphasis on the description this would have made the recent switch by Google from Ireland to UK for billing that much a better user experience as I had to cancel the old ones and create new ones. I have a cash one and if I use a different atm the sub does not match with the transaction

One of the Google transactions was the recent Emma subscription which I had set up a Emma sub for but this failed to match so I created a new sub for this and deactived the old sub. This evening no sign of the new one I had created and the old one had been reinstated. I deactivated the old one again and then tried to create the new one again but was not able to do this as the button was not available. The category was set correctly but when I took a screen shot for chat support I noticed the cat had been changed to excluded by the system even though i had changed this to the proper category a few days ago. I duly changed this back and have now asked support to create the sub. This brings me to why when I change a cat this is not deemed to be important enough and the system runs rough shod over my considered selection and makes it’s own decision. This is very frustrating. This is happening where I have done a transaction for the same amount as the credit card transaction which is sent to another bank account and the system matches it to the credit card transaction instead of the other side of the bank transaction in that other bank. This is also driving me up the wall as the system is NOT learning that amex transactions are NOT excluded and should NOT be matched except the payment to Amex.

What may be quite helpful is the ability to unlink/link transactions so that AI errors can be manually corrected by ourselves.

This would be quite a nice solution in Emma - the ability to combine certain transactions into a single line item

I agree with the OP. Subscriptions can be very wobbly. Then sometimes when removing them, they don’t remove and it’s just a big old nightmare getting them to sync with transactions.

Can you reach out to support next time you have an issue? We can double check. :slight_smile:

I find that trying to change a category or an account name and so on while accounts are syncing sometimes doesn’t work.