One subscription showing twice for the same merchant

I’ve seen several topics mention that multiple payments to the same merchant were being lumped into one subscription.

However, I have the opposite problem - one monthly payment always with the same card is showing as two separate subscriptions to the same merchant. One shows for Feb, May, June. The other for Jan, Mar, April.

This might not be a regular occurrence but is there a way to combine these?

Can you reach out to support? There is a live chat in More. :slight_smile:

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We think we may have resolved this. Can you manually sync your accounts then close Emma, stop it from running in the background, re-open and check to see if this is still occuring?

Still occurring. Tried twice. :slightly_frowning_face:

@lobbers can you send me another screenshot via chat or does it look exactly the same as the last one you sent me?