Multiple subscriptions for the same merchant

I noticed that Emma has a hard time identifying transactions as part of a subscription when you have more than one for the same merchant. My use case is that I have several different App Store subscriptions and they all have Apple as the merchant. Even though I was able to manually configure them in the subscriptions section, most of them will still be showing “next predicted payment January 1” and won’t mark it as paid even though there’s a transaction matching the amount, date and merchant. I hope the explanation makes sense :blush:

I get the same problem with GoCardless DDs for magazines.
We need to be able to distinguish by payment reference - can’t see any other way.

For this, the issue is that they all come with the same reference “”.

We are able to split the majority of these if there are numbers or other elements that make us understand they are duplicate.

With this said, we are working on a new new version of the subscriptions algorithm, so this can be fully fixed. :slight_smile:


So if I change a name of a particular App Store Subscription which costs £1.99.

Will the algorithm change all future App Store transactions of this amount to the chosen name? Or does it just change all App Store transactions? Thanks.